Some of the websites that convicts link to will require you to be able to login to get access. Subscription sites that are available at the FHWA Library are free for members to access onsite. Non-members can access the May St, Bayswater Library for $15 per days or $25 per month.

  • has a lot of WA convict records. If you do not have direct access to Ancestry it is available at the FHWA Library, SLWA Library and many local Council Libraries. You may have an issue with links that were saved in vs and visa versa. If you are using a different version than what the link was saved in then just edit the linik to add or remove library.
  • is available at the FHWA Library, SLWA Library and some council libraries. In some cases they will replicate links (which are free to access). Most of the additional information will be for convicts who had previous offences in the UK. There are also to British Newspapers from within FindMyPast. If you don't have access to that version of then search whetever British Newspaper Archive site that you have access to using the date and newpaper cited. Findmypast is also the only site with prison registers for Wakefield Prison. Many of the saved links will be for If you are using the UK version or visa versa copy and past the link into your browser and then edit it to change to or the other way round.
  • is a subscription site which is available at the FHWA Library. A one month membership of costs 12.95 pounds. New users get three pages for free which may be enough for many convict researchers, though the good news is that you can see the articles without a paid account, though you have to do the look-up. Our links wont work for a free account after 3 pages. If you want a downloaded copy you can "save" using your free account and then come into the FHWA library and download. Alternatively you may have access to Britishnewspapers via your State or National Library. Use the newpaper title and date cited to search.
  • Gale British Newspapers and other British Newspaper collections accessed via SLWA will require you to have a SLWA membership. It is free to join the SLWA. Interstate or overseas researchers may have access to historic British Newspaper Titles via their local State Library or other source. Just search using the Newpaper and date(s) cited.
  • The Genealogist is available at the FHWA Library. Searches in The Genealogist return a search related url rather than a url for the result of the search. You will need to click on the image icon to see the original image. Please check the notes next to any link for The Genealogist. This site has the Parkhurst Prison registers which are sadly not available on the AJCP. As we are now finding that covers a number of prisons that The Genealogist doesn't we are working back and adding an alternative link (usually findmypast) where we have used The Genealogist for links. This task is now complete.
  • Millbank Prison has two types of records HO24 & PCOM2. The PCOM2 has more information but in some cases we have only added the HO24 link. We are progressively working through each ship and adding PCOM2 records for Millbank where we can find them. Email us if you need your convict updated.
  • AJCP on Trove is free to access. These notes may help.
    • Portsmouth Prison has been incorrectly labelled as Portland. Files 105 - 111 are for Portsmouth Prison
    • Europa (file 137) covers all of Gibraltar including the Owen Glendower